Kindly find below all the images of Michael from the underwater shoot on 17th November. 


All images are numbered to make selection easier.  I have included all images, but please note that those images with orange numbers, although still acceptable, are not as sharp or fully focused at the white numbered images.   I want you to be happy with any images chosen so it is just something to be aware of when making your choices.  

All images have had basic editing done, however no photo re-touching work has been applied.  Those images that you decide to purchase will receive full retouching as shown in the example photo below.


In regards to the image prices, the digital images are charged at the following rates:

1 Image – €50.00    |    2 Images – €90.00    |    3 Images – €120.00    


If you are interested in any printing options including large format & canvases, please refer to the pricelist included below and also attached to your email. 


Finally please note that these are low resolution copies, the digital full resolution images are much clearer. 


Its a shame Michael was not so happy on the day, but still I hope you like the images we captured anyway. 







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