Please find below all the images of Tommy and you both from the shoot on Sunday 25th March.  Should you wish to purchase any of the images either as a digital jpegs and/or as prints then please refer to the pricelist sent to you earlier, or found on this page also.  Miles would need you to confirm the image numbers that you would like to buy and following payment they will be processed accordingly – either sent to the printers or distributed to you via email. 


Should you decide to go for the whole reel there is a FREE 10″ x 15″ / 25cm x 38cm A3 hard backed print valued at €30 included.


Please be aware that IMG_5523, IMG_5524 & IMG_5608 are slightly out of focus and IMG_5545 is a little soft but are displayed here as they would obviously be included in the reel also. 


Finally please note that these are low resolution copies, the digital full resolution images are much clearer. 


We hope you like what we managed to capture, there are certainly some lovely ones in there! You guys photograph well!  




Miles & Joanna



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